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Dentists! Are Your Landing Pages Landing?!

Some people love to use landing pages, whilst others prefer native Facebook tools.

There are benefits to both and it depends on how your practice is optimised to run.

A landing page is a special 'mini website' (separate to your practice's main website) that has one single purpose - to get new leads to take the next logical step in your marketing and sales funnel.

Usually that is to enter their contact information in return for something. (A special offer or service for example.)

Landing pages are intentionally kept simple to keep leads focused on the one thing you're offering without them getting distracted or clicking a link that takes them away from the offer and landing page.

Landing pages are also super important for tracking and measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

So here’s a summary of the things it takes to have a great performing landing page.

The best landing pages have:

  • 1 Key Message

  • 1 Core Offer (What the visitor gets right now/promotional offer etc)

  • 1 Clear Call To Action

Here’s what they don’t have:

  • Navigation to other non related pages

  • Information about anything other than the core offer that got the lead to the page

  • Slow loading times

They answer these four questions in less than 5 seconds:

  • What is the offer?

  • What service do I get?

  • How does it make my life better?

  • How do I get it quickly?

The main sections of the landing page are:

  • The headline

  • Sub headline

  • Social proof

  • Approval badges

  • The Call To Action

  • Testimonial videos

This is where Ideal Customer Personas come in.

Just use your copywriting to tap into the problems they want solving, and the new desired state they want to reach.

Always remember to write as if you are talking directly to them - from one person to another person.

One of the benefits of a landing page is that you can customise the experience. So when creating your Call To Action buttons - get creative!

Not everything needs to be a ‘Book Now’ or ‘Call Now’.

You could try more imaginative CTA button options like:

"Yes! I Want FREE Expert Advice About My Smile!" etc,

When it comes time to enter their details in a form on your landing page, keep the tone natural and human for the best opt in rates:

Try a conversational style like:

Hi! What's your name and where should we send your Free Zoom Smile Consultation invitation? (For example).

Once submitted, you're under the microscope and the speed of your response will be taken as a measure of your attentiveness.

This is your big chance to show them they've made the right decision, so make sure they receive a relevant and valuable reply as near to instantly as possible!

Thanks so much for reading!

Stewart Read


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