• Stewart Read

Unleash The Power Of Video Social Proof!

If you're a healthcare marketing business (or any business for that matter) there's nothing more convincing to your new prospects, than delighted clients talking about the fantastic results you delivered, and how you helped them get the transformation they desired.

This is Social proof and it's rooted in the concept that people will follow the actions of the masses.

So the more people you show talking about how great your healthcare marketing business is, the more new leads will follow in their footsteps and sign up with you too.

One of the best forms of social proof is a video testimonial.

Why is it so powerful?

Video testimonials are the closest you get online to word of mouth recommendation. They also forge a personal authentic connection which is extremely powerful.

So this all sounds easy enough, just ask your client to record it on their phone and send it to you - right?

If you’ve ever tried doing it that way then the chances are the results were, let’s say - ‘less than optimal’ 😱

Without guidance, people are unsure what to say for the most impact and in what detail.

The best video testimonials by far are captured within the flow of a natural conversation between two people.

I’ve had tremendous success hosting and recording Zoom video testimonial calls.

The reason is you can build a rapport and steer the conversation where you’d like it to go and also dive deeper into any unexpected anecdotal gold!

We know these conversations can be super valuable but how do you maximise the opportunity of having your client on the call with you?

So here are 5 Top Tips For Hosting The Most Effective Video Testimonial Zoom Calls.

  1. Make sure you’re both in a quiet, private place with a good internet connection.

  2. Turn off all notifications and tabs on your computer, turn off your phone too.

  3. Don’t rush into asking questions - strike up a rapport first and show them you’ve done your research.

  4. Be fully engaged, and interested, never just ‘rattle off’ questions to tick boxes.

  5. Give them the space to give full answers (you can always edit them down later).

The 5 Golden Keys (what you must get them to talk about):

  1. What their situation was before they found your healthcare marketing business.

  2. How they discovered you in the first place.

  3. Their initial doubts and reservations (this provides light and shade and is super important).

  4. The transformation - what great results did you deliver (quoting genuine numbers and some data will help validate their story)

  5. What they would say to anyone sitting on the fence about signing up with you.

Your video testimonials must be from people just like your ideal customer avatar - the type of person who is most engaged with you - clicking on your ads and consuming your content.

The best video social proof tells qualified visitors (in the middle and bottom of your funnel), what people just like them are saying about your services and results.

Your Call To Action!

Do you have a system and process for collecting powerful testimonial videos like this from your happy clients that will help convert more great fit clients just like them?

If not then it’s time to get one!