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That Time I Found £350,000 At A Dental Practice

(Spoiler alert! It was just sitting on the table the whole time!)

Recently I suggested that a practice created a special report in SOE/EXACT. The purpose of the report would be to show the total financial value of all the stalled treatment plans in the system.

EXACT thought about it for a good few minutes and we watched the progress bar creep at a snail's space across the screen. (BTW what’s that even about in 2020! But never mind…).

When we opened the report we were absolutely astonished.

The number that popped up was well over £350,000.

Three Hundred and Fifty.



And the most amazing thing?

The team were too busy to do anything about re-activating those plans.

Let’s take a moment to think about the magnitude of the problem here.

Some of the team knew at some level that there was an opportunity being wasted here, but they had not taken control of the situation.

Now to be fair, I know this practice is not unique, the issue is one of a sense of overwhelm for the team.

Solving easy but low value problems was the daily focus.

The simple solution to reactive these stalled plans and unlock all of that massive value was of course to just contact the patients to remind them and get them to come back into the practice.

This is where our new best friend comes charging to the rescue.


So I got straight to work and created a strategy to group types of treatment together and build automations to contact appropriate patients based on these common categories.

Using smart rules and custom fields means the practice can create personalised and individual feeling messages to bring the patients back in - for the benefit of their own oral health, but also unlock that immense value for the practice too.

All it took was the clarity that a fresh perspective can bring from outside the practice!

So this begs the question - are there areas where you’re leaving money on the table too?

Stewart Read


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