• Stewart Read

The Convenient Truth For Dentists

You’re fortunate.

Your'e fortunate because you genuinely get to make your patient’s lives better by delivering real and impactful transformations for them using your talents and skills.

To be truly of service - that’s your gift.

Q. How cool is that?

A. Very!

That’s what I call a ‘Convenient Truth’.

You have a wealth of stories to tell about the transformations. (There's no need to mention the patient's name - the story of the transformation is the most important piece of the mix here).

So it always amazes me when I see practices make the mistake of creating marketing and advertising that doesn't properly communicate that.

Many times I’ve spoken with dentists who’ve told me that they’ve had patients in tears of joy when they’ve been shown the final results of their treatment.

And sometimes patients even get on video calls with loved ones whilst still in the surgery to share the experience with them - and then they’ve been in tears too!

Why am I telling you this?

You need to captivate people - weave stories around the life changing moments you’ve delivered.

Transformations for people just like them.

If that’s not an incredibly powerful way to illustrate the true value and benefit of your skills then I don’t know what is!

I hope these ideas have got you thinking.

But remember an idea has no power if it’s not acted on!

So develop ways you can weave stories about your wonderful life changing impact around how you talk about your practice - and you’ll really start to resonate and stand out.


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