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The Power Of Video Social Proof For Practices

Firstly, what is social proof?

Put simply, social proof is the concept that people will follow the actions of the masses.

There's nothing more convincing to your new prospects than your delighted patients talking about how great your practice is, and how you helped them get the wonderful transformation they were dreaming of.

So the more people you show talking about how great your dental practice is, the more new leads will follow in their footsteps and book their treatment with you too.

One of the best forms of social proof is a short 20 second selfie video testimonial preferably recorded on their own phone.

This makes it 100% authentic and believable.

Why is it so powerful?

Testimonial videos are the closest you get online to a word of mouth recommendation. They also forge a personal connection which is extremely powerful.

Get your delighted patients to record a video and send it to you via WhatsApp - this makes it super simple for them to send it to you.

The 3 Keys (what you must get them to talk about):

  • What their situation was before they found your practice.

  • Their initial doubts and reservations (this is super important)

  • The transformation - what great things happened to them after finding you and receiving your treatment.

After video content, the next best social proof content is 3 or 4 short written quotes.

Make sure to include a genuine picture of the patient looking super happy about their transformation.

The testimonials must be by someone just like your ideal customer avatar - the type of person who is clicking on your ads.

You need to answer the big question - 'Am I doing the right thing by giving my details?'

Social proof tells them what people just like them are saying about your practice.

Next steps.

Do you have a system and process for collecting powerful testimonial videos like this?

If not then it’s time to build one!


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