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Time To Review Your Practice's Google Reviews?

So to start this post off - let’s dive into why Google reviews are important in the first place.

Well, there’s no doubt about it - any reviews - good or bad - INFLUENCE buying decisions. (Just look at your own behaviour and buying decision making online).

Today, people trust social proof and reviews just about as much as personal recommendations from family and friends.

If you’ve got a lot of 4 and 5 star ratings and enthusiastic comments in your reviews then that’s going to help your Google local search rankings as well - and it’s also a great way to start building that all important trust with your valuable new prospects and leads.

That’s why you should be thinking about building your Google reviews into your website and landing pages too. So don’t be shy - be proud of your great reviews!

The Problem For Dental Practices

I know that team members in practices feel uncomfortable about asking for reviews - they don’t know how to do it and they don’t know when to do it.

So they just hope it will happen magically, all by itself.

But the problem with just hoping patients will leave reviews is it’s a very slow process and terribly unpredictable too and statistically relatively unlikely to happen.

To combat this (like anything else in business) you need a strategy - and hope isn’t a strategy, it's just wishful thinking.

So we’ve seen that reviews and ratings are undeniably powerful for helping your practice.

"OK. I Get It! So What’s The Solution?"

Asking for Google reviews in campaigns that reach out directly to your database of appropriate existing patients is a super effective way to massively boost your Google reviews.

If you use the right copywriting (here’s that word again!) technique and marry that with smart Automations the results are scalable, repeatable, measurable and FAST (near instant).

But you must remember to keep the conversation in messages just that - conversational (and human!).

Keep in mind you’re a person talking to another person - so never speak like a business. You are reaching out as a real person who cares and asking someone to do something for you - so make it from one human to another human.

Where’s The Proof That This Will Work?

Look I get it - this all sounds all well and good - but where’s the proof and could this work for you? You don't want to waste your time right?

Results are always the best proof.

So let me illustrate this with some personal experience and insight to get your team excited to do this for you.

Last week I got a dental practice client 6 times more reviews so from 6 reviews to 37 reviews. (most of the the new reviews were 5 stars too). How long did it take to get these the practice these results ?

7 days.

AND this was from just a small slice of their customer database. Once you’ve got the reviews the work’s not over. Always respond to EVERY review good or not so good. It just looks like you care - which you do, right?!!!!

Here's Your Personal CTA! 🚀

Get your team reviewing your reviews and then reach out to your biggest advocates - the people who already know, like and trust you - your happy patients!

Oh and don’t forget you need to add or claim your Google business listing before you can do any of this great stuff!

Why are you still here?

Jump to it! 🔥


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