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We All Need A Practice Champion

Continuing on from a recent post by Derek Uittenbroek who said that some dental practices are not ready for Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

He’s right.

That got me all fired up about the topic - so I just wanted to take a moment to dive deeper and share some insight from my personal experience.

The Problem.

One of the things I’ve learnt from helping practices is that all of your marketing efforts can quickly unravel if the front of house staff do not have systems and processes in place to follow up and nurture all of those high value new leads that are flowing down the pipe.

But first let’s take this back a step, because without motivation and team ‘buy-in’, systems and processes in themselves are useless.

Here are 2 simple equations to show how this works:

  1. Great Leadership + Great Communication = A Highly Motivated Team (With ‘Buy-In’)

  2. A Highly Motivated Team (With ‘Buy-In’) + effective systems and processes = Massively Higher Conversions

That means higher returns on your marketing investment - (not just more likes, comments and shares).

More real money in the real bank.

And if the aim of the business is to grow then that means more to re-invest which, when executed properly, will lead to even more growth - the classic Flywheel Effect.

So let’s unpack this with some anecdotal context.

Many times I’ve personally called a practice client so I can introduce myself properly to the front of house staff, talk them through what the agency was about to be doing for them to whip up some excitement and set positive expectations - only to find they have absolutely no idea that a marketing campaign was just about to launch (or admittedly less importantly - who on earth I might be!).

It All Comes Down To Leadership.

If the front of house team don’t know that campaigns are running or the offers and the calls to action then how can they know how to respond when an enquiry or lead flows in from those campaigns?

Let’s be honest - front of house team members can often feel overwhelmed in their roles already - dealing with switchboard calls, walk ins, patient requests, supporting clinicians, answering emails and admin tasks etc..

I get it.

I've learnt that the leaders in the practice need to communicate the aims of the practice and their marketing campaigns to get buy-in from those team members.

The relevant staff need to know about the upcoming campaigns, messaging and offers. They also need to consistently respond to new leads and queries generated from those campaigns in a meaningful (not just a box ticking) way.

To achieve this, they must have the support and tools required to manage these new tasks efficiently.

Using A Leveraged Model.

Now this is where we dial in the systems and processes - the tools and automations that make the lead nurturing repeatable, predictable and scaleable.

Once the systems and processes are built you now have a truly leveraged part of the business that’s scalable.

To give you a glimpse of how this can look at scale, one very successful practice has:

  • A whole team of receptionists.

  • A separate office just to answer calls from new enquiries which is isolated from the main reception to keep their reception flowing.

  • A dedicated TCO who only deals with successfully nurtured leads and turns them into new patient bookings for the practice using automation and AI.

I know these are luxuries that may not be available for your practice (yet!) but the point is you can take inspiration from the thinking.

To Recap/TLDR

  • Practices can’t launch paid ad campaigns without team ‘buy in’ and a clear strategy for dealing with the new lead flow.

  • Only then can the team take ownership of the nurturing and conversion of leads.

  • But they will only do this if they feel invested and empowered.

  • To be invested they’ll need guidance and support from within the practice to feel genuinely included.

  • To feel empowered they need the necessary education, tools and automations to do the heavy lifting for them.

  • Then you can start to use the awesome power of leverage in your business.

  • But you can’t even get to the leveraged stage if you don’t inspire, educate and empower your team.

So that’s why if you have a stake in your practice you need a champion - a cheerleader for the marketing campaigns who can rally the troops and act as a single point of communication with your marketing agency.

If that champion can’t be you - then you need to create one!

I hope this has helped!

Stewart Read


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