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Why Dental Practices Should Stop Selling Lists Of Services And Share Transformations Instead

This is a classic mistake that businesses in all industries and markets make.

As a dental practice - if you’re just selling a list of procedures or services then you’re not tapping into the real underlying human desire that motivates people to pay for those services.

The classic often cited example is the drill-bit scenario.

"No one wants a drill bit. They want a hole."

But in my opinion that analysis doesn’t even go far enough.


Because the hole is not the end point in the transformation.

No one goes to the hardware store and says- ‘What I really want is a hole.’

The hole is just the middle stage in the transformation.

The final stage of the transformation is what people really want - the new desired state.

So in the drill bit scenario - what they really want is those warm, satisfying feelings of love and pride they get when they hang their beautiful family picture up on the wall or every time they feel that way again when they walk past.

It makes them feel more complete and that has been the desired transformation.

In the same way - no one’s desired new state is to travel to a dental practice - that’s not a transformation.

Going to the dentist is the 'Bridge' between the current and desired new state.

The desired new state is rooted in things like emotion, status, love or esteem.

So when writing marketing copy - it pays to understand your ideal patient’s current state, their current problem (beyond the obvious) and the true transformation they wish to experience.

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Stewart Read


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