• Stewart Read

Why Your Dental Practice?

Why Your Why Is So Important!

Understanding and effectively communicating your ‘WHY’ makes the reason your practice exists clear to your patients (and your team).

Now, I don’t want you to make the common mistake of assuming this kind of thinking is only for big companies or just waffle.

This is an important topic and I’m going to share a new way of thinking about your practice that is one of the keys to helping you stand out from your competition.

International thought leader Simon Sinek has a groundbreaking presentation on youtube about this called ‘Start With Why’, which is well worth watching if you have the time.

In his talk, Simon explains:

‘People don't buy WHAT you do. They buy WHY you do it’.

I’m going to save you time by summarising and adapting his talk in a way that’s super relevant for your dental practice.

So here’s the truth about the dental industry (and most other industries too, for that matter).

Every dental practice in the world knows WHAT they do.

They know HOW they do it.

But very few practices actually know WHY they do it.

Now before you say to improve oral health - that’s not your own unique WHY.

I’m talking about your practice’s cause - your own values.

So ask yourself: why does your practice exist? (What's your personal mission?).

The #1 big mistake I see a lot of practices make is just saying:


We do dentistry!

Want to come in and see us?’

And then they lean back and hope for a patient to book.

But that’s dull and uninspiring and also very passive.

And passive efforts get passive results.

If this is effectively what you’re saying too, then it certainly doesn’t describe what you do differently from all of the other dental practices in your area.

There’s nothing to make a patient book you over the competition.

Because you're not answering the most important question.


Imagine if coca cola said: “we make nice tasting sugar water, want to drink it?”

How would that work out for them?

What’s really fascinating is that the most successful businesses operate in the exact opposite way to this.

They prioritise in the reverse order.

They start with WHY first, then HOW, and lastly WHAT.

In other words concentrate on your mission (WHY)- the destination and not the vehicle. (HOW and WHAT).

Finding your own why is incredibly important, because it will influence everything you do going forward.

That’s the reason successful businesses start with the ‘WHY’ part first.

This will prove to be a solid foundation for your practice that many practices don’t share.

So when you do this, you’re already a step ahead of a lot of your competition.

Your WHY is the thinking behind your practice.

Really, it’s the answer to this question:

“WHY would a person book your practice in particular?”

The most important word in that sentence is the word person.

What would uniquely draw them to your practice.

You don’t want your answer to sound generic, it has to have the personality of your practice baked right into it.

It shouldn’t sound like it comes from anywhere else.

So - how can you define your dental practice’s WHY?

Start your WHY statement with the good you do - what is it that makes your practice special for your ideal patient.

But remember - don’t just say it if it isn’t always true.

If you’re effectively saying you’re no different from all the other dental practices, then you have a big problem.

You must offer a different, better and more valuable experience.

And when I say value - I don’t mean anything to do with price.

To get you thinking - your WHY is connected to the huge benefit people get from the transformation you deliver.

(BTW I’ve got a post about that so check it out here.)